Finally saw Captain America and…

Everyone was right. It was a really decent movie. My brother goes to Bates College, and he asked me to wait to see it until he came down to Boston. We went to a matinee screening, so the theater was pretty empty and we could scream “Go, Joe!” as much as we wanted. We didn’t actually, but of course did in our heads. Here are my main take aways:

1. Isn’t Captain America supposed to be the most human of all the superheroes? He needs to eat something. I was starving just watching him run around every ten minutes. Get the man a sandwich. 

2. The Simon and Kirby credit sucked. I sat there with my camera ready, waiting to take a photo when their names came up on the screen. I waited…and waited. Actors names, producers, camera men…still waiting. French pilot #1 and #2…All in bold let me add. And then they appeared in small print at the end. 

All in all it was a really well done film, but I wish Marvel could have stayed consistent with their effort in honoring the two men who created this character. Yes, I may be more upset about this than anyone else, but I loved him, am proud of him, and will shout out his name to the world for as long as I can. 

P.S How much does my brother look like a young Joe Simon? My grandfather’s genes run strong. Some may even say Cap strong.


Veggie Stir Fry’s Secret Weapon

I made this on a whim—It was one of those nights that I was craving a super healthy dinner, but also wanted to get a little creative. Before I lose you, let me just say this. Salt. Yes, there is a salty, yet healthy, secret weapon here. Kale chips.

You can make your stir fry how you please. I used mushrooms, red and yellow pepper, and sliced cherry tomatoes. I added a dash of worcestershire and soy sauce and threw this on top of some white rice. Go ahead and use brown rice if you want to be better than me. 

The final touch, baked kale with sea salt. I sprinkled these yummy chips over the stir fry and it was so good. Not only does it add a nice hint of salt, but it also adds a great texture to the dish. All hail the kale.

David Sedaris and Overhead Lights and Proof We are Soulmates

I’m one of the two fortunate employees at work who have been blessed with the windowless office. That’s sarcasm.

While working at this University job for almost five years, I have seen visiting scholars come and go, spending their 2-hour work days in the glow of the sun streaming through their office windows. Each morning I scamper into my office like a nocturnal animal, turning on only a lamp or two. What is worse than a windowless office? A windowless office with the fluorescent lights scalding the life from your bare skin. It’s terrible. I’ve gotten mixed reviews on my dimly lit office. 

"Your office is SO cozy!"


"You’re always sitting in the dark."

Anyways, I just discovered that David Sedaris feels the same about overhead lighting. I knew we were meant to be. (If I were a man.)

Kvetch and Stretch

If you’re lucky enough to have your own office, and unlucky enough to feel sluggish during the afternoon hours, I highly recommend this website: You can filter the classes by type, class length, and level. This is also a great option when you want to move your body, but hate the idea of leaving your house because of weather or just pure laziness. I just closed my office door, pushed my desk back a bit, and enjoyed this goodie: My hamstrings are a bit happier now.

Oh, Babs.

Oh, Babs.